Resize Continuous Form

I recently needed to create a Modal Form that was a Continuous Form so that I could present the user with a selection of items. Initially, this was tall (full screen height) and very ugly so I needed to dynamically resize this form based on the number of Items that I needed to display. I also wanted to reposition the form so that it was in a place that looked right to the use. Keep in mind that I'm using Tabbed Forms and not Overlapping Forms style.

This is the simple code that I wrote! The qryTemp is just a table that I use for imported data. The GetUserName function just gets my username so I can just get my own data.

Private Sub Form_Load()
    ' 1 cm = 566.9291338583 twip, but using 580 for good measure!
    Dim intRows As Integer
    intRows = DCount("*", "qryTemp", "CreatedBy='" & GetUserName & "'")
    ' Add another row to prevent scrollbar from showing up
    intRows = intRows + 1
    Me.Form.InsideHeight = 2.6 * 580 + (340 * intRows)
    Me.Form.Move 580 * 10, 580 * 5
End Sub

Happy Coding, Coders!


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